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Have you ever wished you could warm or cool up your car before you get in it? Fox Chase Lock & Key, Inc. can also program and set up keyless entry and remotes for vehicles. We can only perform these services if your car or truck is already equipped to do so. 

How do Transponder Keys work?

Over the past few years, auto manufacturers have experienced great success with the new security features provided by transponder technology. Sealed in the head of each key is a transponder chip containing one of a trillion possible electronic codes. When the key is placed in the ignition cylinder of a vehicle, the transponder chip automatically activated by radio frequency. The transponder chip then sends a signal, using the same radio frequency, to the antenna that is contained within the ignition cylinder. The antenna relays the signal to the vehicle's control module, and if the signal is recognized, the vehicle is allowed to start. The use of an incorrect key or signal would temporarily immobilize the vehicle's engine.