Don't Be Left In The Cold

Have you ever been searching for your keys just to realize they are sitting in the ignition of your car and the doors are locked? Don’t worry, we have all been there before, but with one quick phone call to Fox Chase Lock & Key, Inc., the Philadelphia area’s leading emergency locksmith company. We respond to emergency locksmith calls in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.  We will have you back in your car and on the road in no time at all with our amazingly fast car lock out service. Lockouts are one of the most popular service requests that a locksmith receives and Fox Lock knows what is important when it comes to lock outs; customers want quick service, at a reasonable price, completed by a professional for vehicles and buildings.

What To Do If Your Locked Out Of Your Car: 

Step 1: Safety

Determine if you are in danger.  Are you in a safe area? Are you at risk for getting hit by traffic? Have you locked an animal or child in your car? Do not hesitate to call 911 if you suspect you are in danger at any time. Even if they cannot gain access to your car they can arrange a tow and ensure your safety. 

Step 2: Regain Access

Option 1: Roadside Assistance: 

If your locked out of your car and you have roadside assistance this is a good time to call in on your subscription. Services like AAA, Allstate and Onstar often offer roadside assistance as a part of your subscription package. 

Option 2: Car Warranty:

Many new cars come with roadside assistance as a part of the warranty package. Major manufactures such as Ford offer this with their new car warranties. Though if you do not have this information handy it may be hard to verify in an emergency situation. 

Option 3: Trusted Locksmith: 

Before you break a window or call a tow truck calling for emergency locksmith services is a great option. Fox Chase Lock and Key provides these services for the Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties. When searching for a local locksmith ensure that they have a local, physical address listed on their website and ask if they are all licensed and insured.